Area Tierra de barros

The land of vineyards

The winery is supplied by the farmers from the area of Tierra de Barros. Wine is bottled using grapes from the approximately 300 hectares of vineyards which are directly controlled by our technical staff.

Despite the fact that since time immemorial the local varieties of this area have been the Pardina and the Cayetana , our winery has chosen to prepare wines from the varieties which have been introduced into Tierra de Barros recently. After restructuring the vineyard, we have been able to produce white wines using grapes such as the Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc and reds using the Garnacha , Merlot , Cabernet Sauvignon and Mazuelo. Our red varieties are espaliered and supplied with small support irrigation. The majority of our wines to be marketed as crianzas or reservas come from our single variety vineyards known as vidueños and are goblet-pruned, dry-grown, over fifteen years old and are totally of the Tempranillo variety.

Committed to innovation

The winery has the most modern production systems for red wine such as the Ganymede System (photo 1) and the thermovinification flash (photo 2)